Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Classes For Georgia Quilt Show !!!!

Dumpster Diving Friend

Sorry Teri!!!! I just had to put this in!!!! I must admit.....I have beautiful TRASH!!!! I take regular dives in there myself!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Stuff in Two New Books( I Just Got Lucky)

I just got the O.K. to show the front cover of Cate Pratos new book by Interweave Press.(Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilting Arts) I can hardly wait to see the inside!!!!!

It's called "Mixed Media Self-Portraits"and is due to be released in July.I love the colors on the cover!!!!

Thanks to Joanna, (Surface Design Group), I was able to have a piece appear in the book. Thank-You Cate and Joanna!

The other book is published by "That Patchwork Place, Martingale Press". It's written by Leigh Mc Donald and is called "Adventures In Circles" Quilt Designs from Start To Finish. It will also be released in July.I have 2 quilts in Leigh's book. "Sunspots" and "Really Really Broken Dishes".I just wish it didn't take soooo long! I can't wait to see the whole, finished book. It sounds wonderful, and I know Leigh has been working on it for a long time.(While, at the same time, moving to Kentucky AND getting her masters!!!) I wonder what she did in her spare time. Congratulations and Thank-You Leigh!!

New Mixed Media Stuff for Pear Tree

May has been a busy month!!! I just delivered a bunch of mixed media Journals and purses to Pear Tree.

I found a great resource for clip art!! "The Vintage Workshop" and "Twisted Papers".You can purchase and download right from the website or buy the CD and install it at home. The image collections are wonderful. It's hard to know when to say "ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!".