Friday, September 11, 2009

The Classic "OH CRAP" Moment

I was in a hurry, I'll admit it. I needed to quickly get 5 quilts to the ladies with LONGARMS. In my haste to get all the backs and labels prepared..... I made an amazingly ridiculous mistake. You know how I always say..."Carefully cut behind the applique????? Cut away the background ONLY...DO NOT cut through to the FRONT????" Well........At the worst possible moment, I cut through to the front. I also underestimated how darned sharp those scissors are. (Thanks Brint!!!) Anyway, I don't usually resort to colorful language, however , a heartfelt "OH CRAP" seemed to feel appropriate.
Now... to disguise the damage.
Thankfully, the damage was on the back, so I could have a little fun with it.(Probably would have done the same thing if the damage was on the front).So....On the back of the quilt titled "When Life Gives You Broken Dishes....Use Paper Plates. The Party Must Go On. " You can see the little Do-Sew Band-Aid. Problem boo kissed... and I'm ready to move on....See you all soon in Chantilly, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Chicago!!! WOOOOOOHOOOO!!