Friday, June 26, 2009

Are You KIDDING ME ????

I had an Endoscopy yesterday. No biggie...just routine. I knew I wouldn't be able to drive for the rest of the day,and planned to spend the day sewing instead. Fortunately...I read the discharge info before any real damage could occur.In case you're not able to read the fine print....there is a warning against using dangerous equipment such as LAWNMOWER- CHAINSAW- SEWING MACHINE?????? looks like Chainsaws are out too. Who knew...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bexley Babes Are At It Again

The ladies of Common Threads spent a lovely Saturday, "Fishing" in Bexley, Ohio.Thank-You so much for your wonderful hospitality and a great day.Hope to see you again soon! Join us in the slide show ...below

Quilt Maven Visits Amherst

Lorain County Peacemakers was honored to host Deb Karasik at our meeting last Thursday. Isn't she too cute? She let me fondle her amazing, award winning quilts!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Stuff For Fall EXPO

Fall EXPO On The Way !!!!!

Preparations for Fall Expo are racing full speed ahead. I have at least four new classes on the way. I won't waste a lot of space writing about them...I'll just show you! Check out the slide show above. Remember that they are in the rough draft stage right now. In addition to designing new quilts, I'm also trying to get used to my new laptop. After struggling with an ancient (5 years old, and apparently nearly obsolete) computer, I now have a shiny new toy. It runs all the good stuff I need and more stuff that I really don't need, yet , but will be fun anyway. Anyone understand how to SKYPE? I'm not real happy about the view from the camera, but it's going to be fun...if I ever figure it out. I was telling my friend that using a computer without a mouse is like trying to write with your lips. I guess it will take time. Too much fun !!!

OH Mikey!!!

After cleaning the car seat with his tongue...Mikey claimed it as his own. Sorry Gabriel...

No More Kids

WooHoo... After almost 30 years, I no longer have any KIDS !!!!! Sunday was Anthony's High School graduation. The youngest of four.In October, he will move to Pittsburgh to attend the Art Institute for Graphic Design.I'm officially out of the school system.I wonder if they'll miss us. With four kids..we have attended countless skating competitions,marching band,concert band and choir performances.We attended football games during sweltering heat, freezing wind and thunderstorms to support the cheerleaders. We enjoyed drama productions,Pop Shows and Amherst Idols. I covered my face and peeked out through my fingers during wrestling tournaments.I laughed myself silly while watching the TV class kids,while filming a project...jump into the pool in April...fully clothed in hoodies, sweat pants and wool hats...with bikinis on top of the whole outfit.Oh yes... then there were Proms, Homecomings and Winter Formals.What about the preparations/fundraising for trips to Washington DC ,New York City, cheer competitions,and the principals office,(yes...I admit there have been a few).. and last but in no way more hockey bags in my van. You know that "New Car Smell" that most people recognize? I thought it was hockey bag fragrance!I'm not sure if the school system will miss us or not. I know that I will miss all of the wonderful supportive teachers,coaches, administrators, and parents who were on the journey with us.BTW..They ALL deserve a big fat raise!!! Yes..even the parents, especially the parents. So....when I am asked how many kids do you have... I can say, "I don't have any Kids...I have four grown ups now".