Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Partners In Crime Quilt

I finally got permission from the second of two"Partners In Crime". We tried to get together every couple of weeks to plan and assemble our guild challenge quilt.
Teri, Barbara and I had so little free time that we would get together for a couple of hours to plan, and assign homework. Then, we took our ideas and basic guidelines home to do the actual work. A few weeks later, we would get together again, cross our fingers and assemble what we had so far.
After another evaluation, we could move onto the next part. This one turned out WAY better than we originally planned.
This quilt was for our guild challenge "Months That End In ER". Well....We decided that all of the months end in "ER" SOMEWHERE in the world. If the photo of the whole quilt were larger, you could see the detail in the hanging down fringy stuff. We made long charms with each month spelled out, in a different language. We hung the month names hidden in the fringy stuff above the season panel that the month is in.

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