Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hottsie Tottsie Quilt Designer reveals All !!!!

I always imagine that the BIG TIME quilt designers have very expensive and knowledgeable photographers.They get MEGA BUCKS to photograph the quilts that appear on the covers of the patterns. In the world of "Not Yet Ready For The BIG TIME", I came up with a plan which should probably stay a secret forever. Unable to photograph my new "KNOTS" quilt on the family room wall, like I usually do, I called Teri. We drove around town with a ladder a roll of tape and a pair of scissors, looking for a wall big enough to tape the quilt onto. We tried the brick wall outside of the elementary school, but tape wouldn't stick to the Brick. (It sticks to everything else???!!!!) Looking across the parking lot, we found the perfect spot!!! The tape really sticks to bus garage doors!! Anyway...we're probably lucky we didn't get arrested.

Anyway...we got the pictures, and through the magic of Photo shop, I have "Not Quite Ready For BIG TIME" MINI BUCKS pictures. Kind of makes you wonder about Karen Stone, doesn't it ?

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iquilt47 said...

Hi there BFF,

Great pics and love the slide show!!

Love, your dumpster diving friend