Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Teeny Vacation

The week before the Tampa EXPO,
my friend Teri and I had a great time in Lakeland,Florida as guests of Cyn and Bill, in the "Little House". Unfortunately, Cyn wasn't feeling well and we didn't get to spend much time with her. We were able to go to Casa Dega with her and her mom, Ruth. It was a beautiful day and we totally enjoyed the sunny weather and interesting surroundings. In Lakeland,we visited the "Patchwork Pig" Quiltshop, Brooke Pottery, spent too much and had lunch at Harry's.We found an amazing scrap booking store in Lakeland too. It's called Violette's. It has about 10 different rooms to wander in and out of. Again...we each spent too much, but it was a great little place and I'll definitely find it again on the next visit. We spent a lot of time trying to confuse the GPS!!!! On one of the GPS, sunset detours, we were treated to an unexpected treat!!! We looked to the side of the highway, and saw what we thought was fireworks. After a moment of looking though, we could tell that it was a space center launch of some kind!!! We watched until after the seperation phase.It was really beautiful to see the sunset colors showing through the vapor trail.
We also had a great time visiting with Teri's brother Tom and his wife Carol, in Lake Wales. Before we left,Tom climbed up in the grapefruit tree and picked a bunch of grapefruit to take back with us! What a treat!!!

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