Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fall EXPO On The Way !!!!!

Preparations for Fall Expo are racing full speed ahead. I have at least four new classes on the way. I won't waste a lot of space writing about them...I'll just show you! Check out the slide show above. Remember that they are in the rough draft stage right now. In addition to designing new quilts, I'm also trying to get used to my new laptop. After struggling with an ancient (5 years old, and apparently nearly obsolete) computer, I now have a shiny new toy. It runs all the good stuff I need and more stuff that I really don't need, yet , but will be fun anyway. Anyone understand how to SKYPE? I'm not real happy about the view from the camera, but it's going to be fun...if I ever figure it out. I was telling my friend that using a computer without a mouse is like trying to write with your lips. I guess it will take time. Too much fun !!!

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linda said...

Hi Kim, love the new quilts, you might just see me in March! You can get a wireless mouse for your laptop. I use one all the time!!